Induction & Hearing Loops

Portable Soundshuttle at a reception desk

Vivid Acoustics specialise in audio frequency loop systems including induction loops and specialist hearing loops. Induction loop technology makes life easier for the hard of hearing as it is universally compatible with T-coil hearing aids.

FM systems and Infrared systems extend the scope of induction loops to places such as Arenas, Theatres, Conference Halls and Guided Tours. Sound Masking is a technology used where confidentiality or productivity is a priority whereas Soundfield technology is ideal for the modern classroom environment.

Vivid Acoustics have systems to meet all applications and environments and you can find them in:

  • Schools and Higher Education
  • Boardrooms
  • High Street Retail Outlets
  • Hotels
  • Government Establishments
  • Hospitals
  • Public Transport Ticket Desks
  • Airport Check-in Desks
  • Transport - Buses/Cars/Taxis

When looking for the perfect system for your needs it is important to get technical advice and if appropriate a site survey. Our service covers everything from this advice right through manufacture to installation, commissioning, on-site user training programme and maintenance - a single annual service check ensures a system's smooth running. Our warranty lasts for one year.

That's another sound reason to buy from Vivid Acoustics. The final element that goes into making Vivid products so good is that they are designed to be user friendly. We use a 'Fit & Forget' solution which requires no user set-up.